March 05, 2014

Hello from Spain!

Here we show you the file folder game that three students from the Spanish 6th grade made.

They made it on their own and I am so very proud of them <3

María, Rocío and Álvaro
The file folder game cover
The cards for the game
You have to classify the animals
So funny!
They are real artists!! Congrats!!

Hello friends!

Here we show you the lapbook that 6th graders Spanish students made.

Each one of them made a part and then they put them all together to make this great lapbook.

We hope you enjoy it!

Amaral and Marta

The cover of the lapbook

Three mini flag books

Salvi Torres

Salvi made a flower shaped mini book

Rocío and Harry

They made a crazy flaps mini book

It opens right to left...

...then left to right...'s crazy!

And very creative.

This is our finished lapbook

Booklets opened!

March 03, 2014

Hello everyone!!

Here we show you the lapbooks that Greek students made.
We hope you like them as much as we did.










December 28, 2013

We wish you a Merry Christmas from Greece!

Here we show you two Christmas lapbooks our Greek Kindergarteners made.

We hope you like it!

December 13, 2013

File Folder Games are a great teaching tool to be used in foreign language teaching.

They are simple, educational games that can be made from an inexpensive file folder or a folded cardstock in the shape of a book containing the activities. Also, since I always encourage my students to reduce, reuse and recycle, I use to make all my file folder games out of empty cereal boxes which I never paint or cover since I like students to realize that the games they usually play with at class are actually made from reused materials.

You can make a file folder game to review tricky words, to learn to say the time, to review the body parts vocabulary, for handicapped students or fast finishers to learn more body parts you didn’t teach the rest of the class, for matching activities using velcro, fill in the blanks, … The possibilities are endless! Even, you can have older students making their own file folder games about the contents they’ve already learnt for younger students to use. It’s so simple and useful you’ll be hooked on creating them.

File folder games are a funny, creative tool for reviewing and extending contents; you can use them with students any age, from kindergarten to high school. They’ll be playing to learn and they’ll love them.

Rocío González Sánchez.

  •  And here's and interesting slideshare about how to make them:

December 12, 2013

Lapbooking is a fairly new teaching tool in foreign language learning that provides children with creative ways to learn.

A “Lapbook” is a collection of mini-books, pictures, graphs and/or “foldables” which are multi-dimensional graphic organizers gathered, designed, drawn, glued, and creatively displayed  in an expensive n file folder that fits in your lap.

Lapbooks can be used at any age (K-12) and any level.

Each lapbook is an original creation, will be different according to topic and creator, and will be a treasure for years to come. There is no right or wrong way to lapbook.

Our project is all about an educational journey through lapbooks. The pupils can collaborate, exchange ideas and produce wonderful lapbooks to share the wonders of knowledge, through the English language.

Despina k.

December 03, 2013



Short description: 
In this project we’ll use lapbooks and file folder games to teach, revise and enhance English Vocabulary and grammar as a Foreign Language Area to our students. 
Art, Cross Curricular, Foreign Languages, History of Culture, Language and Literature, Primary School Subjects 

Communication language(s) 

What is the age range of the pupils of a potential partner for a project? 

How many pupils altogether are going to participate in the project? 
72 pupils 

Subject areas 
Art, Cross Curricular, Environmental education, Health studies, Informatics/ICT, Natural Sciences, Primary School Subjects, Foreign Languages, Language and Literature, Social sciences (history-geography). 

Tools to be used 
E-mail, Shared blog (powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Video conference . 

- Learn to create their own learning/teaching material in the FL; mini books, graphs, graphic organizers etc to create the lapbooks and file folder games. 
- Improve our knowledge of the foreign language. 
- Foster creativity and develop art and crafts skills. 
- Establish friendship links with foreign students. 
- Use IT tools such as presentations, videoconferences, youtube videos or blog posting to develop the project. 
- Value the use of IT as a communication tool. 
- To encourage students to develop their creativity using the English language. 
- To raise children’s interest in foreign languages through arts and crafts. 
-To develop cooperation among students. 
- To develop finger dexterity. 
- To improve handwriting. 
-To improve pupils’ abilities to look for information to create lapbooks and file folder games. 
- To create a keepsake for each student 
- To help dyslexic students to be involved and to learn  
- To help our pupils use English language in a creative way. 
- To have fun. 
- To create a real need to communicate in and out of the classroom borders. 
- To help students become independent learners. 
- To value each others work. 
- To express artistically. 
- To add an element of mystery and adventure for young learners. 

Work process: 

1. First contact. 
2. Opening a shared blog and designing the main activities. 
3. Schedule of the project. 
4. Choosing the topics. 
5. Creating lapbooks. 
6. Creating file folder games 
7. Videos or/and photos of the process and final results. 
8.  Conclusions. 

Both teachers involved in the project are in touch by email and skype in order to design the activities. 

We keep a shared blog to show each other’s work and progress. 

We have designed some activities, although we’ll be free to change what we consider should be changed during the process. 

We’ll be creating lapbooks and file folder games in order to teach the vocabulary, the grammar and the SCA of the FLA. 

The students involved in this project belong to 5th and 6th grades. 

They will learn enough about every topic before they can finish the lapbook. 

When they master the creation of lapbooks, they will be able to apply what they have learnt to create a file folder game for other students to learn. 

Students will write some of their opinions and feelings in the blog. For this, they will use English language, always considering the competence of the students in the foreign language and using the project as a way to improve it and motivate them. 

Expected results: 

We expect the students to learn English in a creative and motivating way. 

We want students to be able to create, organise and display their own learning/teaching material to be used by them and others. 

Students will be aware that the knowledge of a foreign language brings you the opportunity to know other countries, other people and truly communicate with them and learn from them. 

We also expect that students get more motivated in their school tasks and be more creative in their daily life. 

This project will improve their arts and crafts skills.